Passes & Memberships

Day Passes, Annual Membership or Lifetime Memberships can be purchased online for your next visit to the Garden.

Day Pass Rates:

  • Pedestrian/Pedal Bike – $10
  • Military Rate – $15
  • Passenger Vehicle – $15 (off-season rate)
  • Motorcycle (per rider) – $10
  • Tour Bus/Large Groups

Annual Membership – $40
Lifetime Membership – $500

Lulabelle’s Ice Cream brought iconic and locally-made Pride Dairy products to the International Peace Garden on
Thursday, May 25.

Lulabelle’s owner Donnet Sivertson teamed up with businessman Guy Abernathey to sponsor the visit as a thank
you to Peace Garden staff as the big June planting push nears.

Lulabelle’s is celebrating 5 years at Lake Metigoshe and excited to support the Peace Garden.

“The Peace Garden is a special place for me and my family and we know how important the dedicated staff are,”
said Abernathey, a lifetime member. “With the Conservatory reopening later this year, there is a lot of excitement
and need for volunteers. I hope others will join in Volunteer Planting Day on June 17.”

The Peace Garden is beginning its 91st season as one of the most unique institutions in the world. A registered
non-profit in Canada and the United States, the Garden strives to provide peaceful experiences centered around

“Local support is just one part of what makes the Garden so special,” said CEO Tim  Chapman. “Our staff works
extremely hard to ensure a beautiful summer experience and it’s an honor to be recognized and celebrated by
local businesses and supporters.”

“It’s exciting to have our new play area open as the Garden continues to build a full-family experience. Each step
in our development will hopefully inspire more volunteers and those with a passion for advocating for peace and

Nestled in the Turtle Mountains is a garden. A celebration of peace, a living monument to the ideals of friendship
and cooperation among nations. Acres of uninterrupted prairie, forest and radiant floral gardens defined by
nature, not borders. The Internal Peace Garden is a non-profit organization committed to advocating for peace.

For interviews contact: Tim Chapman, CEO
Email: tim@peacegarden.com
Phone: 1-888-432-6733