Passes & Memberships

Day Passes, Annual Membership or Lifetime Memberships can be purchased online for your next visit to the Garden.

Day Pass Rates:

  • Pedestrian/Pedal Bike – $10
  • Military Rate – $15
  • Passenger Vehicle – $15 (off-season rate)
  • Motorcycle (per rider) – $10
  • Tour Bus/Large Groups

Annual Membership – $40
Lifetime Membership – $500

Turtle Mountain Tourism Conference 2024

Turtle Mountain Tourism Summit

Join us on Thursday May 9th at the Conservatory for the 2024 Turtle Mountain Tourism Summit!  Registration is $10 per person.  We would like to invite all businesses, municipalities, towns and chambers to rent a table for $25 (which will include entry for 2 people) to highlight your organization!  Lunch is included with the registration fee.

Registration will open at 8:30AM and the Tourism Summit will begin at 9AM.

Thank you to Travel Manitoba and North Dakota Tourism for our door prize!  Travel Manitoba and North Dakota Tourism have each donated a $1,000 credit for marketing on each side of the border!


Lorri Matthewson of Small Places Rock (Matthewson & Co.) will be our keynote speaker!  She will speak about the “10 Ways Economic Development is Different in a Small Town.”  Lorri will speak to the challenges small towns face and the ways in which local staff and volunteers in the tourism sector can get their messages across.  She will highlight the importance of small population communities forging partnerships and working together to make it happen!



Elise Wood, Destination Management Initiatives Specialist at Travel Manitoba, will lead a session on “Destination Excellence: Strategies for Community Tourism Growth”. Join Elise to discover how local businesses can drive tourism growth and development in their communities by fostering collaboration and strategic partnerships with neighbouring communities. 


Tim Chapman, CEO of the International Peace Garden, will be hosting a breakout session entitled “Middle of Everywhere – Cross Border Promotion” where he will speak about how the International Peace Garden embraces our unique location and how it has led to us partnering with various towns, businesses and organizations.  


Lindsay Egan, Manager, Partnerships at Travel Manitoba, will follow Elise’s session with “Maximizing Growth: Leveraging Travel Manitoba’s Partnership Program”, where she will explore the marketing partnerships that are available with Travel Manitoba to bolster audience engagement and drive destination success. 


Join Tricia Miller, Digital Systems Manager, as she discusses the positive impact that partnering with North Dakota Tourism.  Her session, “Establishing Partnership and Marketing your Destination”, will include the North Dakota Toursim.com website, its partner portal, various advertising methods, highlighted events and packages, rest area initiatives and partnerships with various CVBs and Chambers. 


Jennifer Watson, Executive Director, and Sara Girard, Regional Sales Coordinator from Brandon First will present on “Using Strong Partnerships to Increase Tourism and Tourism Revenue”.  They will speak to their best practices for creating partnerships with and between their member stakeholders to bring successful events to Brandon, Manitoba.    


Kim Schmidt, Communications Manager for North Dakota Tourism will be leading a session on “The Power of Storytelling: Building Lasting Connections with your Audience.”  She will provide you with practical tips for transforming your destination or agency information into engaging stories.  Kim will show you how to effectively pitch your agency’s work and connect with audiences in a memorable way.



To register, please click on the registration buttons below!